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More public events in parks to help raise money for services

More public events could be held in the borough’s parks and green spaces under plans that would help raise vital funds for council services.

Previously there have been limits on the number of events that could be held on Clapham and Streatham Commons and Brockwell and Kennington Parks. However, plans to remove the restrictions on the number of events could raise an extra £1.25 million a year.

Lambeth’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and the 2012 Games, Cllr Florence Nosegbe, said: “Lambeth has some of South London’s best green spaces and they are a great resource for people who live and work here. Our parks already host a number of great events, from small community shows to larger events like the Lambeth Country Show in Brockwell Park, and SW4 on Clapham Common. These types of events are always popular and help to attract visitors and money to the area and local economy.

“We won’t be holding events every weekend by any stretch of the imagination and people will still be able to use their local park when there is an event being held. It is about finding the right balance.

“Around 600,000 people enjoy a range of events organised or facilitated by the council’s events team within our parks and open spaces every year. I am keen to ensure that future decisions concerning further events in parks and open spaces take proper account of the need to protect, and where possible enhance those spaces.”

Removing the existing restrictions is not intended to create year round permanent event sites. It is intended to make better use of the resources available to the council to generate income which will in turn protect cultural and other services in the borough.

Like many other local authorities, Lambeth faces huge financial challenges due to cuts in government funding of £79 million over the next three years. These proposals are designed to ensure that the borough makes the most of the income raising opportunities of its parks, with the money being used to help fund services. At the same time, well run cultural events will help add to the vibrancy of the borough.



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