Lambeth’s Core Strategy given green light by government inspector

Lambeth Council’s Core Strategy has been found sound by a government inspector in her binding report dated the 6th December 2010, following an extensive examination process.

The Core Strategy, as its name suggests, is the central document for spatial planning in Lambeth and forms part of the Local Development Framework (LDF). The LDF is the technical term for the collection of documents containing planning policy that will be used to guide development and deliver essential infrastructure such as schools and health centres in Lambeth. It will eventually supersede the council’s existing Unitary Development Plan

The examination of the Lambeth LDF Core Strategy commenced when the council submitted the plan to the Secretary of State on the 26th March 2010. A hearing into the contents of the document took place in September and was one of the shortest that has taken place in London. It lasted only 4 half days and this was a testament to the robustness of the document; the fact that it was supported by a wealth of planning evidence; and was the result of early and close consultation with the local community and local stakeholders

The council’s elected members who advised on the development of the Core Strategy would like to thank all those who participated in the preparation of the Lambeth Core Strategy and in particular those who took part in the examination hearings.

Following the successful examination it is anticipated that the Core Strategy will be formally adopted by the council on 19 January 2011 when the next full council meeting is held.

The Core Strategy will provide support for Council’s drive to reduce worklessness in the Borough through the strengthening of policies on safeguarding and promoting employment uses. The main focus of development for housing and jobs will be in Waterloo and Vauxhall. However there is support for the Council’s aspirations contained in the masterplans for Brixton, Streatham and West Norwood for the regeneration of the borough’s town centres.

One of the most important changes brought in by the Core Strategy will be to apply stricter controls on the further conversion of houses to flats in the Borough, which have been a major concern to local residents in recent years.

Tackling and adapting to climate change with a sustainable approach to development underlies the core strategy together with recognition of the value and importance of its many heritage assets.

The adoption of the Core Strategy represents the successful completion of the first part of the LDF and the council hopes to continue this success with the adoption of two further LDF documents in 2012.

Consultation on a Draft Site Allocations DPD and a Draft Development Management DPD will be carried out in 2011 and the council would urge anyone with an interest in the future of Lambeth to get involved in the preparation of these documents.

Les Brown, Divisional Director of Planning at Lambeth said: “It is great to have a plan in place that reflects the views and aspirations of local people and organisations and we look forward to helping them deliver its vision over the lifetime of the plan”.

The Inspector’s report, dated 6 December 2010, has been published and is available to view on the council’s website, at all public libraries in Lambeth and at the Lambeth Town Planning Advice Centre, Phoenix House, 10 Wandsworth Road, Vauxhall SW8 2LL.



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