Lambeth citizens sign up to electoral register

Lambeth Council has achieved a 92.55% returns rate on its annual voter registration drive, meaning 9 out of 10 Lambeth properties responded to this year’s canvass.

Hailing the news, Councillor Paul McGlone, Lambeth Council cabinet member for finance, praised the dedication, commitment and hard work of the council’s electoral services staff.

“This excellent figure reflects the healthy democratic instincts of our citizens.” he said.

“We know there was a General Election combined with the local council elections in May this year, but there are no elections on the horizon at present. But the awareness of our citizens, coupled with the efforts of our staff, produced this magnificent result.”

People were invited to register by telephone, on-line or by text and the response to this was 17.9% of the total.

The council deployed more canvassers this year and reduced the size of the canvass areas, allowing more experienced canvassers to cover more than one area.



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