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Parking charges to be reviewed

Lambeth Council is to consider a number of changes to parking charges, following a benchmarking exercise with other councils.

The changes are designed to be fair and broadly in line with charges in other similar boroughs.

Lambeth has adopted an “environmentally friendly” policy on residents’ parking which sees vehicles placed into different bands based on their emissions and drivers of less polluting vehicles charged less for their resident permit. Under the proposals, drivers of the greenest cars will still continue to qualify for a free permit, and there are also plans to freeze the cost of permits for market traders to support the borough’s local markets. Other charges would rise, however, and the cost of a residents permit for a “band 3” vehicle outside the congestion charge zone would rise from £115 to £149.50 a year, for example.

Any surplus from parking charges goes directly towards schemes that improve the boroughs roads and pavements, including pothole and pavement repairs, 20 mile an hour zones and other road safety projects, as well as funding Freedom Passes.

Cllr Lorna Campbell, Cabinet member for Environment on Lambeth Council, said: “These are difficult choices and we are always reluctant to raise charges, but people shouldn’t underestimate the scale of the financial challenges every council is facing as a result of planned cuts to government funding. We believe, however, that the proposed increases are fair and proportionate and they will bring Lambeth broadly into line with parking charges in other similar boroughs.

“Without these increases we would, quite simply, not be able to keep up our programme of road maintenance to tackle potholes and keep the borough’s roads and footpaths in a good state of repair.

“We are committed to running a fair and cost-effective parking service, and it’s important that people understand that every penny raised through parking charges goes directly towards improving our roads and making them safer, as well as funding Freedom Passes for older residents.”

Lambeth is committed to delivering a cost-effective parking service that offers fair pricing, is implemented fairly and is open about the levels of funding it raises.

The proposals are to be discussed by the council’s cabinet on November 22.


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