New high tech gritting vehicles to help keep borough moving this winter

Four new state of the art gritting vehicles have been brought in by Lambeth Council to help keep the borough moving this winter.

The new vehicles are fitted with special satellite tracking devices that allow council bosses to monitor much more precisely exactly where and when grit has been put on roads across the borough.

The tracking systems feed precise information back to a control centre about which roads have been visited and how often. They will help make sure that grit is used in the most efficient and effective way possible and is spread evenly across the road network.

Lambeth has been replenishing its salt levels after last year’s harsh winter, and has doubled storage capacity to around 700 tonnes which will provide us with the capability to deal with much longer periods of snow and ice. As well as the council’s own supplies, TfL has ordered a 25,000 tonnes stockpile as a reserve that boroughs will be able to draw upon in case we get another protracted spell of bad weather.

Cllr Lorna Campbell, Cabinet Member for Environment on Lambeth Council, said: “Council staff worked around the clock last year clearing snow and ice and did a fantastic job in the most challenging conditions for around 20 years. Thanks to their efforts and to thorough planning and preparation, we were well prepared and were able to keep the borough moving despite the severe weather, but we want to improve on that performance this year if we have another cold winter. The new state of the art vehicles we have brought in will make sure salt is used in the most effective way possible.”

The council has brought in extra 100 salt bins this year to help with the snow clearing effort. In the event of snow, street cleaning staff from Veolia and staff from the council’s highways contractor, FM Conway, are diverted from their normal jobs to help clear snow and ice from footpaths.


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