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Anti-social behaviour response team joined on patrol by community leaders

Members of an anti-social behaviour response team which is being piloted in the south of the borough will be joined on patrol by the leader of Lambeth council and Lambeth police chief superintendent.

Lambeth Council Leader, Councillor Steve Reed, and Lambeth Police Chief Superintendent, Nick Ephgrave, will meet the unit as they patrol the Central Hill Estate, Upper Norwood, on Monday, October 18. The unit was created as part of a robust package of community safety measures by Lambeth Council and enforced in partnership with Lambeth Police.

The response team is a crucial element of the council’s manifesto for the next four years and is under police command and despatched to areas identified by the council’s community safety team. The unit is being piloted for six months and is made up of seven PCSOs, one Sergeant, and two PCs. The team is currently based at Streatham Police Station and could be rolled out across the whole of the borough if the pilot is successful.

The patrol unit has been deployed to various areas in response to reports of anti-social behaviour since it was introduced in June. The team currently patrol the playground and communal area outside Wiseman Court, Gypsy Hill, following complaints from the local community involving young people who travel to the area to intimidate residents. The team is investigating a number of criminal damage reports at the allotments in Rosendale Road, West Dulwich, and has also assisted with patrols on the A23 Streatham following a number of robberies.

The response team has dealt with anti-social behaviour issues on the Woodvale Estate, Lairdale Estate, and St Luke’s Church in West Norwood. They are due to investigate complaints involving a number of aggressive street-drinkers in and around the St Leonard’s ward, Streatham, and has assisted Lambeth Council’s Trading Standards Team in a test purchase operation in July and August which resulted in a number of police cautions and fixed penalty fines to shops selling tobacco and alcohol to underage customers.

Steve Reed, Lambeth Council Leader, said: “This is a ground-breaking new way of tackling anti-social behaviour head-on. People have the right not to feel scared or intimidated by a small minority of individuals who choose to behave in this way. This is part of a variety of measures ranging from Community Payback, dog chipping, gangs, and domestic violence measures that will help make Lambeth a safer place for everyone to live and work.”

Chief Superintendent Nick Ephgrave, added: “This is partnership working between Lambeth Police and Lambeth Council at its best and I am delighted by how well this pilot has gone to date. The introduction of the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit sends a very clear message to a minority of people who choose to make life uncomfortable for Lambeth residents – unsafe, unlawful, and anti- social behaviour will not be tolerated anywhere in Lambeth.”

The council also pledges to:

  • Make offenders pay back for their crimes by carrying out work in the local area chosen by the people who live there.
  • Expand the dogs service to round up animals used for fighting, tag dogs on estate, prosecute irresponsible owners and ban dogs from children’s play areas.
  • Tackle youth and gang-related crime with a stark choice for offenders to accept help to get out of crime or face tough sanctions that will stop them re-offending.
  • Expand the Domestic Violence Team to support more victims and reduce violence in the home.

To report incidents of anti-social behaviour contact Lambeth Council’s anti-social behaviour reporting line on 020 7926 4000.



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