Electric car revolution gathers pace as Lambeth installs three charging points

Drivers of electric cars in South London will be able to charge their vehicles at three new charging points installed by Lambeth Council and Transport for London.

The newly installed charge points are located at Upper Ground and Concert Hall Approach in the South Bank, and Pulross Road in Brixton.

The move is part of the council’s and TfL’s drive to improve air quality and cut pollution. In February, Lambeth Council made owners of electric cars exempt from paying for parking permits, and electric cars are also exempt from road tax and the Congestion Charge.

Mayor Boris Johnson wants the fleet of electric vehicles in London to increase to 100,000 as soon as possible. Over the coming year, around 1,600 charge points will be installed across the capital with numbers rising to 7,500 by 2013 and a target 25,000 points to be in place by 2015.

The new charging points will give electric car owners greater flexibility as to where they recharge their vehicles. The number of charging points across London is growing, making electric car ownership a more practical option for Londoners.

Councillor Nigel Haselden, Lambeth Council’s Deputy Cabinet Member for Sustainability, said:

“Electric vehicles will have an increasingly important role to play in cutting pollution and carbon emissions, so this is an important step in the development of environmentally friendly travel in London.

“There is no doubt that electric cars can help to make our streets cleaner, quieter and more attractive, but if they are to become a genuine alternative to the petrol engine then the right infrastructure needs to be in place. Electric car technology is developing all the time, and by installing charging points we are helping to make owning an electric car convenient and practical.”

Ben Plowden, Director of Better Routes and Places at Transport for London, said: “We are delighted that Lambeth residents are being connected to the capital’s network of green technology.

“The use of electric vehicles is steadily rising in London and the installation of electric vehicle charging points in Lambeth is testimony to the commitment of the Mayor of London, TfL, the boroughs and other partners working to significantly boost the number of charging points across London.

“At TfL, we are making significant steps towards achieving the Mayors’ goal of making London the electric vehicle capital of Europe by adding four electric vehicles to our fleet.

“With more electric vehicle charging facilities across the City, it is expected that Londoners will be within a mile of a charge point in the near future.”

Support for electric cars is just one of the ways Lambeth Council is helping people out of their cars and onto less polluting modes of transport.

The council has been supporting the growth of car clubs by earmarking hundreds of parking spaces exclusively to car club cars, as well as offering subsidised cycle confidence training sessions to anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough. It also has adopted an environmentally friendly policy on parking permits that see owners of more polluting vehicles paying more, and owners of low emission vehicles paying less.

Lambeth Council has an electric car based at its offices in Blue Star House in Brixton, which is available to use by staff. It has also set up a ‘pool bike’ scheme that allows council staff to borrow bikes to cycle between meetings.

Electric car users need to register with the council’s partner, Elektromotive, to access the points, by visiting www.elektromotive.com. There is a fee of £100 for the first year plus VAT, and £25 plus VAT to renew membership for another year. They will provide you with an information pack and the means to access any of the 60 or so charging points across London.



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