Cabinet to consider site for temporary ice rink

The latest cabinet report (published today) recommends earmarking the disused Pope’s Road car park in Brixton as the site for a temporary ice rink as part of the Streatham Hub regeneration scheme. The council-owned site is scheduled for demolition this year and would mean that the temporary ice rink could open next summer.

A shortlist of three sites – comprising the disused Pope’s Road car park, Streatham Common and 512/522 Streatham High Road were considered. The Pope’s Road site was chosen as the best option based on a number of factors including ease of access for visitors, technical matters, such as drainage and power supply, along with timescales and costs of developing land.

Councillor Florence Nosegbe, Lambeth Council Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport and 2012 Games said: “Ensuring that the hub will include all the facilities residents need has always been a priority and central to negotiations. We are clear we want to build top class sports facilities including swimming pool and ice rink, with a temporary rink while the new one is being built.”

Saki Hajnal from the Streatham Ice Skating Action Group said: “Our priority is continuity of ice skating provision. The revised plans mean losing the existing rink before the new leisure centre is built, so a temporary ice rink is essential, and needs to be big enough allow all the existing activities to continue. We would have preferred a site in Streatham, but if the Pope’s Road site means the project can go ahead without further delay that is good news.”

If agreed, a planning application to build the temporary ice rink in Brixton will be submitted this summer. Additionally, a planning application is expected today from Tesco for a mezzanine floor for their proposed store as part of this Streatham regeneration project.

Michael Kissman, Corporate Affairs Manager at Tesco, said: “We’re submitting this application as part of the agreement we reached with the Council back in March. The recession obliged us to reassess all the schemes in the Spenhill portfolio due to the downturn in the housing market. Streatham represents a major area of investment for Tesco. We are committed to working with the Council in regenerating this part of the high street, increasing footfall, providing new homes and bringing new facilities.”

Agreeing a location for the temporary ice rink and the submission of Tesco’s planning application for a mezzanine floor will be two more important hurdles cleared towards our shared aim of delivering a multi-million pound regeneration scheme. The success of these planning applications will mean full speed ahead for the Streatham Hub and the provision of state-of-the-art new leisure facilities for Streatham residents.

The Streatham hub regeneration project represents a huge opportunity for local residents and businesses to benefit from vital improvements to the local area. It will revitalise the neighbourhood, bringing 250 new homes, an estimated 600 jobs and significant numbers of new visitors to Streatham.



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