Fraud and prosecutions

Benefit fraudsters found guilty

Lambeth Council has brought two benefit fraudsters to book as part of its on-going crackdown on fraud.

Claude Meya, 45, of Geneva Drive, Moorlands Estate was convicted at Camberwell Magistrates Court on 2 July, of failing to declare employment with Interval International Ltd and the Department for Work and Pensions.

Mr Meya had claimed benefits on the basis of his entitlement to incapacity benefit and had not reported that he had commenced employment.

He received benefits of £3970.26 for the period April 2008 to August 2009 to which he was not entitled.

He was sentenced to a three month custodial sentence suspended for 12 months. In addition, he was must remain at home under a curfew order for a period of six months between the hours of 7.00pm and 6.00am and has to contribute costs of £100.

Tutu Matondo, 48, of Jupiter Court, Caldwell Gardens Estate was convicted at Tower Bridge Magistrates Court on 5 July of failing to declare that he was a full-time student.

Mr Matondo had claimed benefits on the basis of his entitlement to Job Seekers Allowance but had not declared that he had commenced full-time studies.

He received benefits of £7845.05 to which he was not entitled for the periods December 2006 to September 2007 and February 2008 to September 2009.

He was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid community work and to pay £350 towards costs.

“People think fraud is a victimless crime but it takes money away from spending on vital services for the benefit of the entire community,” said Councillor Paul McGlone, Lambeth cabinet member for finance. “We have a duty to safeguard the public purse,” he declared.



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