New Mayor is dedicated NHS doctor

Lambeth Council’s new Mayor is Councillor Dr Neeraj Patil, who has dedicated his life to serving the National Health service, having worked in hospitals across the country for the past 15 years.

Two of his chosen charities, for which he will spend a great deal of his Mayoral year fund-raising, are related to medicine. These are the Sickle Cell Society and the College of Emergency Medicine.

The third charity is the Springfield Community Flat, which works on Lambeth estates, caring for the elderly and helping young mothers with crèche and nursery provision.

The Sickle Cell Society helps people suffering from this disease, a blood disorder that largely affects the African Caribbean population. “Having treated many people for this, it is a condition very close to my heart,” said the Mayor.

His experience working in accident and emergency departments also led to his nomination of the College as a Mayoral charity. The College, whose members work in Accident and Emergency Departments, produce scientific guidelines for this vital area.

Taking his theme for the coming year as “restoring trust”, Councillor Dr Patil pledged, “throughout the year I will publish all my mayoral expenses online, for the general public to see and judge if their money is well spent.”

He also promised to “work as closely as possible with the communities across our borough so they can see that their council stands with them, ready to listen and keen to engage.”



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