Community Freshview hits gold

Community Freshview, which draws residents and the council together to clear up and transform local neighbourhoods, celebrated its fiftieth event on Saturday 15 May.

Residents of Tierney Road in Streatham and the council’s Streetcare team rolled up their sleeves and got down to work, using skips, tools and paint provided by Lambeth and their contractors Veolia.

This was their second blitz on a piece of ground at the corner of the street, which they cleared in a hard day’s work in February. After much cutting back and rubbish and waste removal they turned it into a large raised bed.

Extra planting, weeding and tidying were be the order of the day as the residents licked their new bed into shape for summer. For good measure, they painted their garden walls as well.

Community Freshview is led by residents and offers them the chance to get together with their neighbours and brighten up their streets.

Local resident Tim Mannion said “Community Freshview is an excellent scheme which has transformed this part of our street from a dumping ground in to the beautiful environment which we now enjoy. It has also brought together neighbours who’d never met before and formed friendships which are invaluable and sadly rare in London these days”.

The Mayor of Lambeth, Councillor Christopher Wellbelove, shouldered his spade and joined the band of toilers at the event, which will run from 10am-3pm.

“These public-spirited residents deserve heartfelt thanks,” said Councillor Wellbelove.

“Community Freshview is a great way to make a difference to the area where you live and to bring the community closer together,” he continued.

The council’s Making a Difference campaign, aimed at achieving a better living environment for all, launched its second phase at the Tierney Road day.

The hard-hitting campaign against environmental crime, will target dog fouling, graffiti, fly-tipping and littering and will involve local neighbourhood and residents’ associations, schools and voluntary and community groups.



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