New guide helps young people find out ‘What’s on offer’

The most comprehensive and up-to-date guide of what’s available for young people in Lambeth is now available – and Lambeth’s new Youth Mayor has urged people to get hold of a copy.

‘What’s on offer’ – a guide to things to do, places to go and staying on track for people 11 – 25 – has just been published by Lambeth Council and is now available online.

The guide contains well over one hundred different listings and contacts. Whether it be signing up to join a music, media or dance group, getting advice on developing your skills so you can land your dream career, where to go to get confidential health or relationship advice, joining a sports club, or even getting involved with volunteering or local politics, it’s all in the guide.

The guide is available online at www.younglambeth.org, or in local youth centres, colleges, schools and libraries. It’s also being sent directly to every year 11 student in the borough and is being publicised on Facebook.

Lambeth’s new Youth Mayor, Darren Tenkorang, said:

“I really recommend that people get hold of this Guide, because there’s so much going on in Lambeth that I think a lot of people will be quite surprised at just how much is on offer on their doorsteps. Loads of the activities listed are free and there is no other guide that is as comprehensive as this one – there really is something for everyone, whatever your interest.”

The guide is divided into five sections:

  • Arts and Music – A comprehensive list of groups, studios and arts centres offering everything from street dance, film and new media, drama, music classes. Develop a new skill or talent, or take an existing one to the next level. The opportunities available could lead to qualifications and support finding a new job.
  • Enterprise and Work – A wealth of contacts which could help you learn about jobs, work, running a business, how to maximise your CV or get vital experience in your chosen field.
  • Sport – A guide to sports facilities and clubs across the borough, that includes things as diverse as circus skills and ‘bling your bike’ sessions, as well as contacts that could lead to coaching qualifications.
  • Health – Vital advice on everything from personal health, drugs, relationships, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender services, counselling, and domestic violence and abuse.
  • Get involved – Lambeth Council needs young people to raise issues and get involved in local decision making. By volunteering you can have a real influence on your community and be formally recognised, helping you in the future with your career. Contacts for the Youth Opportunities Funs, Youth Council, Youth Boards and much more.

The guide has been put together by Lambeth Council’s Youth Service, working with young people themselves.



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