Jobs boost for Streatham

Around 600 hundred jobs will be created as a result of the Streatham Hub development revealed the council at a meeting last night.

The multi million pound Tesco deal which will see the development of a new ice rink, leisure centre, housing complex and a Tesco store in Streatham will see jobs in construction, retail and leisure management flow into the area as the development takes shape.

The special cabinet meeting was called to formally ratify the Tesco deal worth over 100 million. Sandra Fryer, Divisional Director of Strategy and Partnerships said; “Over 600 jobs created in a recession is a real achievement and will be a great boost for Streatham. Research shows that when big brands build large stores in the suburbs, it increases visitors to the area which has a positive knock on effect to other businesses including other small traders.

“Such a major economic boost is an amazing achievement in a recession”

Over 250 social and private homes will also be built as part of the deal which also includes:

  • A new sports and leisure centre providing:
    A 25m, 6-lane swimming pool
    A 13m learner pool
    A 4-court sports hall
    A health and fitness suite with space to accommodate around 100 machines
  • A 60m by 30m ice rink with around 950 spectator seats
  • A temporary ice rink to ensure continuity for users of the rink while the new one is being built. The temporary rink will be big enough to stage ice hockey matches, with spectators and ice dancing.
  • A transport interchange with new bus turnaround and improved station
  • 415 sqm of community space
  • Parking for 577 cars
  • A new pedestrian link from Ellora Road to Streatham High Road



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