Deadline extended for community cash funding

There is good news for local community groups who think they may have missed out on the chance to grab a substantial slice of money for their organisation. The deadline for nominating a local project to benefit from a £12,000 cash injection from the Local Community Action Fund has been extended – to February 15. The fund is available for small projects that benefit local communities in each of Lambeth’s 21 wards.

£12,000 is available to each ward to spend either on small building works or to buy new equipment. Each ward can fund a maximum of three projects, alternatively they can pool their funding for cross-border projects. If you know of a scheme that is running in your area and you think it could benefit from some cash funding to help it better deliver services locally, you should let your local councillor know.

Councillor Lib Peck, Lambeth Cabinet member for Regeneration and Housing said: “Cash from the Community Action Fund can make a huge difference to a local organisation and community. Sometimes, the funding that is awarded is relatively small, but it can have a big positive effect on the quality of life for local people. This was the case for a sheltered scheme in Stockwell where a Wii Fit was provided for elderly residents, and a youth group in Bishop’s ward who were given a table tennis table so they could form a table tennis coaching club.

“I would strongly urge anyone either involved in a community scheme, or who knows of a good one, to contact their local councillor to let them know how the project could benefit from the Local Community Action Fund”.

Projects for this year’s Local Community Action Fund will be selected by February 15 and must be completed by May 31.

If you have a project you’d like considered for funding from Local Community Action Fund or for more details, contact your local councillor. You can find out who your local councillor is by phoning 020 7926 1000 or visiting www.lambeth.gov.uk/councillors



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