Lambeth adult social care services performing well, inspectors say

Lambeth Council’s adult social care services have been judged to be “performing well” by the national inspection body, the Care Quality Commission. The Commission noted significant improvements, which see Lambeth performing above the London average in areas such as the speed taken in assessing people’s needs.

The Commission has judged the council as “performing well” on all seven outcomes measured for adult social care services.

Success highlighted in the Commission report include: 

  • initiatives to improve health and wellbeing, such as annual health checks for people with learning difficulties 
  • the percentage of safeguarding (adult abuse) investigations completed is above the London average 
  • the launch of the Gateway network of neighbourhood clubs which provide a hot meal and wellbeing services in the community 
  • the range of mechanisms for consulting with service users and carers 
  • the reduction in the time people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health issues wait for assessments
  • the increase in the number of people with learning disabilities who are in employment 
  • the increase in the number of people receiving Direct Payments to manage their social care support 
  • the Every Pound Counts benefit take up campaign has increased income for people in the borough by £5k per annum per claimant
  • the joint NHS and council service centre at Gracefield Gardens in Streatham, which enables residents to access a range of services from one location.

Areas identified for improvement include working to develop the market for local residential services, and increase services monitoring, to ensure there is greater choice for residents and their families. This is an area which Lambeth had already identified and our staff are already working closely with them to help improve the quality of care they provide.

“This is a significant achievement for Lambeth,” said Cllr Lorna Campbell, Lambeth’s cabinet member for health and wellbeing. “I’m particularly proud that the Commission acknowledged that we have real examples of not just asking for the views of our residents and service users, but actually acting upon these to change and improve the way we provide services.

“Increasing choice and control for some of the borough’s most vulnerable people is a big priority for us. This welcome recognition comes as we expand our work to personalise social care services and have put more investment into opportunities for older people and action to keep adults free from abuse in the community.”

Jo Cleary, Executive Director of Lambeth’s Adults’ and Community Services, said: “This report recognises the hard work and commitment of all our staff and partners to provide high quality social care services. Our teams are working incredibly hard to transform the way social care services are traditionally provided so they become personalised, focused on the needs of the individual and give them more choice and control over the support they receive.

“The Commission has also recognised that we use the resources we have well but in these challenging financial times and with more demand for social care support there is always room for improvement and we are working to innovate, improve efficiency and effectiveness to develop further. The report acknowledges that we have the leadership and structures in place to achieve this.”



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