Council reports ‘huge’ boom in car club membership

The number of people who belong to a car club in Lambeth has rocketed past the 6,000 mark in the past month, the council has revealed.

The huge growth in popularity of Car Clubs – essentially pay as you go cars – has seen membership in Lambeth jump from just 800 in 2007 – a seven and half fold increase in just over two years.

Lambeth Council has actively encouraged the growth of car clubs by earmarking dedicated parking bays to car club users across the borough. The council supports their growth because of the benefits they have in reducing congestion and carbon emissions.

The council has this month earmarked a further 80 ‘car club only’ parking spaces across Lambeth, meaning more people than ever have easy access to a car club car within walking distance from their house.

The newest wave of bays takes the total number of dedicated spaces to 146 and Lambeth has plans for another 200 spaces in the next two years. There were just two car club bays in Lambeth in 2006.

Studies show that each car club car leads to around 14 private cars being removed from the road as people give up owning their own car. This eases congestion and reduces pressure on parking, as well as reducing carbon emissions. Car club members typically reduce their car use by around 40 per cent as they consider whether and when to drive and increasingly use alternative modes of transport.

Councillor Nigel Haselden, Deputy Cabinet Member for Sustainability on Lambeth Council, said:

“People are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of owning a car and are equally aware of the burden of motoring costs. At Lambeth Council we fully back the growth of car clubs, and we’ve increased the number of exclusive on-street club cars bays from just two in 2006 to more than 140 today, with plans for another two hundred spaces in the next couple of years.”

“As the number of car club parking bays grow, more and more Lambeth residents are finding there is a club car parked around the corner from where they live, making car club membership a convenient, hassle free and value-for-money alternative to car ownership.

“I gave up my own car in 2006 and the saving in running costs allowed me to join a car club, buy a family railcard, as well as a new bicycle each for my wife and son. I can also take the occasional taxi and still be quids in at the end of the year.”



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