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Lambeth landlord prosecuted for poor housing

A private sector landlord who refused to maintain her house and was putting her tenants at risk, has been fined £2,500 plus costs at Camberwell Magistrates Court recently.

The landlord, who owns a property on Stansfield Road SW3, ignored Lambeth Council’s request to carry out urgent repairs after an inspection reported that the property was in a poor physical condition. The house, which was occupied by private tenants including families with young children, was found to have damaged ceilings, broken toilets, faulty fire detection systems and untested gas boilers.
As well as ignoring the Notice, it is believed that the landlord also tried to unlawfully evict the tenants in order to avoid making the improvements.

Paul Cooper, Head of Lambeth’s Private Sector Housing Unit said: “There will be new regulations in place in April, which will give us more powers to deal with bad conditions in private rented accommodation. This includes the licensing of houses in multiple occupation. However, this case shows that we are still taking action under the existing legislation, and we will not allow tenants’ health and safety to be at risk because of poor housing”.



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