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Safer banking in Streatham

Lambeth Council are happy to announce that ‘secure zones’ have been installed around seven ATM’s (Automated Teller Machines) in Streatham, this is the first initiative of it’s kind in Lambeth.

Transport for London, Lambeth Police and Lambeth Council’s – Community Safety Team are working in partnership with the banks in the area. The Royal Bank of Scotland, Natwest, Lloyds TSB, Abbey and Woolwich are all keen to make the project a success and improve safety for their customers.

There have been concerns in the past about safety in this area of Streatham High Road, due to the concentration of cash machines and high levels of street crime. The safe zones are clearly defined yellow boxes, which will help to ensure that people using the machines are given space and privacy.

The aim is to remove the fear of anyone overlooking them and raise public safety awareness.

Councillor Darren Sanders said “Cash point crime is a worry for many people. As someone who uses the Streatham High Road often, I know how beneficial this scheme will be. I look forward to it being as successful as it has been elsewhere.”



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