Flytippping lorry lined up for the crusher

A Ford Iveco truck could be crushed next month if the owner does not step forward. The lorry was spotted flytipping in Streatham last month and an eagle-eyed witness gave the lorry and incident details to the council. This information was investigated and legal action taken to bring the offender to account.

The truck was spotted on March 15 driving into the rear loading/unloading car park of DIY shop Homebase where it tipped a load of rubble and rubbish before speeding off. Details of the registered owner was obtained from the DVLA and a section 71 notice under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 served on the owner requesting details of the driver of the vehicle on the day of the offence. By the end of the notice period – 14 days – the owner had not responded, so a warrant allowing the council to seize the vehicle was obtained from the local Magistrates Court.

Council officers, with the assistance of the police, confiscated the truck on April 7th. If the lorry is not claimed within 28 days, it will be destroyed. In the meantime, the council is taking court action against the registered owner for failing to comply with the requirements of the Section 71 Notice. If found guilty the offender could be liable to a fine up to £2000 or face two months imprisonment.

Keith Naish, manager in charge of streetcare said; “Flytipping is anti-social and dangerous and will not be tolerated in Lambeth. We will always take action against people we catch dumping rubbish illegally and I urge the public where they witness flytipping to contact us on 020 7926 9000 or email streetcare@lambeth.gov.uk with the registration details of the offending vehicle.”



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