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Spend a penny in ‘new’ Clapham Cross toilets

‘Spending a penny’ in the Clapham Cross conveniences will now be a more pleasant affair as a £12K refurbishment programme has been completed. The toilets located at Clapham Common Tube Station – The Pavement had been closed for seven months as they were damaged by vandals and looked run down and dilapidated. A thorough spring clean and up-grade has transformed the facilities – which are officially re-opened today.

A thorough overhaul including an industrial clean of the floor, repair of the electrical fittings, clearing of graffiti, re-painting of the walls and ceilings and repair of the existing toilets has changed the entire look of the building. With the installation of new soap dispensers and mirrors and the repair of the urinals, toilets, and baby-changing facilities, being caught short in the Clapham Cross area need not be a major inconvenience.

Peter Sheppard, street care manager, comments; “These toilets had fallen into a state of dis-repair and were in desperate need of an up-grade. Funds were earmarked to carry out a refurbishment programme and bring them up to standard and the transformation is now complete. These conveniences now provide a good and decent facility for the public to use.”


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