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Lambeth school meals – second to none

Lambeth’s school children will be able to get back on to the nutritional straight and narrow after a break spent eating chocolate eggs. The borough’s school meals service is second to none and boasts a menu that could quite easily grace the table of any trendy restaurant. A typical menu contains a range of dishes to choose from including jerk chicken with plantain, home-made tuna fishcake with lemon wedge, oven-baked tomato, naan bread pizza, apple and blackberry crumble with custard, yoghurt, and fresh fruit platter.

The council is working with schools and Harrison Catering Services to achieve the government Healthy Living Blueprint key objective to ensure that the food and drink available reinforces the healthy lifestyle message.

More than 10,000 meals are served every day, with 66 per cent of the school roll choosing to take the school dinner option. Jane Wood-Chambers, Deputy Head of Ashmole Primary School commented;

“We have an excellent cook who produces fresh, home-made dishes of the highest quality. Freshly prepared salads, vegetables and fruit are on the daily menu along with a choice of three main dishes.

We have a range of traditional dishes and others that reflect the diverse cultural backgrounds within our school.

“The food offered is always nutritionally balanced, high quality and extremely good value for money.

The high take-up of dinners by both children and staff reflects this”.

Geoffrey Harrison, Managing Director of Harrison’s Catering Services, said; “I have received favourable comments from parents about the variety of food offered on the menu’s. I regularly have school meals with the children and can certainly say that the children enjoy their school dinners”.


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